Version 1.6/20.04 released

by Marc Rautenhaus (comments: 0)

We are happy to announce a new Met.3D version 1.6/20.04!

  • While this version gets the next version number 1.6, we plan to change the version numbers in the future to a simple "YY.MM.number" format to better reflect the continuous work on Met.3D. We use both numbers for now.
  • A simple batch mode (configurable in the frontend.cfg file) allows to automatically produce time animations.
  • New utility scripts (see the new util/ directory) have been added that support download of forecast data from the DWD opendata sever.
  • A "status light" has been added to indicate that the pipeline is processing.
  • New derived variables have been added, e.g. PV for hybrid sigma pressure grids.
  • Several bugs have been fixed, including erroneous coastlines and a bug in the raycaster that caused wrong illumination close to borders.
  • A binary distribution is available for Linux, see the downloads page.
  • Some bugfixes, see the issue tracker.

Download the sources from gitlab!

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