Version 1.3 released

by Marc Rautenhaus (comments: 0)

We are happy to announce the release of the new Met.3D version 1.3! New features include:

  • Support for auxiliary pressure fields. This enables Met.3D to load simulation data on any vertical level type, as long as a 3D pressure field can be provided. Internally, Met.3D continues to use pressure as the vertical coordinate. For example, COSMO data on hybrid-geometric-height or constant-geometric-height levels can be visualized (try with the data from!).
  • Basic data statistics can be displayed: For each variable in an actor, the button "data statistics" shows a histogram of data values of the grid, as well as min/max/mean. This is useful, e.g., if the range of data values is not known.
  • Support for scientific notation in many properties. You can now enter very small or large numbers as, e.g., "1.38E-11".
  • The old ECMWF grip_api library has been replaced by the new eccodes library.
  • Support for Qt5 (this Met.3D version still also supports Qt4)
  • The Session manager now supports session revisions, the user can restore an earlier version of a session.
  • Basic support for derived variables. Met.3D can now compute wind speed, potential temperature, equivalent potential temperature, geopotential height, and a few more variables from basic input variables on-the-fly.
  • Scene annotations (time labels, northward arrow) etc. can be disabled and configured.
  • Many bugfixes and small usability improvements... see:


  • The default directory for session and other configuration files has been changed to "~/met3d" -- if you have sessions stored in "~/.met3d", you need to copy these files to the new directory.
  • Please look at the new "default_pipeline.cfg.template" file to learn about new keyword for the pipeline. For instance, you can specify the variable to be used as the auxiliary pressure field, and specify the variables to be used to compute derived variables.
  • On some systems, we encountered an issue with eccodes that was solved after the library was locally recompiled with its ENABLE_ECCODES_THREADS enabled. See the eccodes installation page for instructions and set ENABLE_ECCODES_THREADS to true.

Download the sources from gitlab!

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