Version 1.1 released

by Marc Rautenhaus (comments: 0)

We are happy to announce the release of Met.3D version 1.1! New features include:

  • An interactive transfer function editor and functionality for basic direct volume rendering (DVR) has been added.
  • Support for textured filled contours in horizontal sections to facilitate stippling and hatching.
  • The synchronization control supports restriction of allowed times to available times in selected datasets and provides enhanced animation control.
  • Visualizations can be directly saved to a graphics file from a scene view by pressing “s”.
  • The trajectory actor can be created at runtime.
  • Support for cmake to compile the source code.
  • Enhanced support for contour line appearance in 2D sections.
  • Support for different camera navigation modes: move camera, rotate scene, 2D top view.
  • Many further small usability improvements...

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