Release Candidate for Version 1.4

by Marc Rautenhaus (comments: 0)

We are happy to announce a release candidate for a new Met.3D version 1.4! New features include:

  • Computation of 3D trajectories (path lines) and streamlines. The trajectory actor now allows to connect to "seed" actors (that can be poles, 2D sections, a 3D bounding box), from which trajectories or streamlines can be computed. If the seed actor is changed, the trajectories are updated, allowing for interactive analysis.
  • Revised dataset and configuration handling. Met.3D now starts without any configuration files (pipeline/frontend) specified (although they still can be specified) in a default mode; datasets can be loaded from the user interface (Menu "File").
  • Support is now integrated to read ensemble data from NetCDF files that is structured such that each member is stored in a separate file, without a dedicated ensemble dimension.
  • Many bugfixes and small usability improvements, see the issue tracker.

Download the sources from gitlab!

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